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Alternative au dégriffage
Alternative to declawing

Alternative to declawing

maggie softpawsFor several years now, we thought that the only way to prevent your cats from damaging your furniture with their nails, was to have them declawed.méphisto soft paws

Now there is a simple, effective, economical and pain free way to accomplish this.

As a fact, in 1990, an American veterinarian , the doctor Toby Wexler, commercialized SoftPaws.

SoftPaws are supple, plastic caps that cover the nails of your cat or dog. They are easy to install and help protect your furniture, your floors or yourself from damage caused by their nails.

SoftPaws are danger free and non toxic. They can be used on animals of all ages. These plastic caps do not interfere with the natural growth of the nails and do not prevent cats from retracting their claws.

It is not recommended to install SoftPafiona soft pawsws on cats that go outdoors.

This is a new alternative to declawing recommended by a great number of veterinarians. It usually takes a few minutes for the majority of the animals to get used to wearing SoftPaws.

Before applying them, your pet will need a nail trim. After the installation, these caps can remain in place between 4 to 6 weeks for adult animals and between 2 and 3 weeks for kittens, depending on the natural growth of the nails.

A package of SoftPaws contains 40 caps, which allow a protection for 4 to 6 months.