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common disease - Arthrosis

Arthrosis is defined as a degenerative joint condition. It begins at the cartilage level and it spreads to the underlying bone and to the periarticular soft tissues. The cartilage becomes thinner, fissures and may sometimes disappear completely. arthrose

Two forms are recognized : primary (without apparent cause) and secondary. With pets, the primary form is very rare. An underlying cause is almost always present to explain arthrosis. Among these causes, one can find a trauma, an infection, a tumor and some instability of the joint. Clinical signs are the following : pain and joint swelling, difficulty getting up, lameness, decreased mobility of the joint and loss of muscular mass.

If your pet presents these clinical signs, X-rays will be recommended.

No matter what the cause, treatment consists of weight loss, moderate activity without impact (leash walking, swimming) and a physiotherapy program (joint exercises, warm compresses, massages). Treatment with chondroprotectors (glucosamine/chondroitine) is also recommended for long term care, as well as an intermittent treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs, as needed.

Surgery is often recommended to correct the underlying cause (for example articular instability) or to help to control pain (arthroplasty or total hip replacement).